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 ...... finally I get my hands on the Championship Trophy


Our family has a tradition for watching cricket -Internationals, Lancashire and League cricket. There have often been 3 generations on our travels. I began recording this tour of Test and County Grounds in 2006.

You may have seen our other website Phil's 92 Tour & Beyond, dedicated to the Football League Grounds of England and Wales.

We also do Rugby League, and then there are major sporting events too, like the Open and Grand National..... see links below

The aim here is to visit all International Cricket venues and all County Grounds and Outgrounds. Doing this alongside the 92 Tour means we only do a couple each year so it's going to take a while, but it does mean we savour every trip.

We take in League Cricket too, and at some stage will add a section on this.

We'll be describing our visits to watch the Summer Game, in words and pictures, as well as looking at County Stats to analyse 'Who are the Big Counties ?'

We also like to do a little social and cultural analysis as we travel the country, and sample local food and drink.  

As Lancastrians, we usually watch our team where we can, despite the suffering this entails.

We love to hear from sports fans, so please comment on our Blogs if we come your way.

So read all about our highs and lows as we visit all the International and  County Cricket venues in England and Wales.

Perhaps you'd like to comment or tell us about the highlights not to miss or where to find the best beer and food when we visit your County.

We'd love to hear from you.


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           Northerly Outpost - ODI

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